Avoid Messes with Professional Dog Grooming Bath Tubs

When you work as a professional dog groomer, you need to have a sturdy stainless-steel tub to avoid the messes that can occur with lesser types of bathing equipment. 

So, what should you look for in professional dog grooming bath tubs?

When selecting a tub, you need to consider how some of your clients may react. That is what can lead to a mess. Some dogs just hate the water while other dogs are much more compliant. However, you have to ensure the comfort and safety of both types of canines.

Maybe you have a dog at home and you are not a professional groomer. If this is you, you may find bathing your dog in the bath tub to be a hassle. Not only are you working in a small space, you have to get down on your knees during the activity. This is not too pleasant of prospect, especially if you have a condition, such as knee pain or arthritis.

Avoiding a Bath-time Mess

The best way to avoid messes in a professional or at-home setting is to bathe a dog, using a professional stand-up tub, especially one with splash guards. That way, you have more control over bathing the dog and you can do so more comfortably.

How to Make a Selection for a Tub

You really cannot groom a dog without cleaning it first. That is why it pays to choose a professional grooming tub that will make cleaning a less arduous activity. When selecting a tub, make sure you find one with the following basic amenities:

  • A tub with a stainless-steel frame and fully welded tank, including splash guard assembly
  • Puppy booster bottom panels for your smaller clients or for your pup or small pet dog at home
  • A hair strainer and flexible drain hose and drain

The above product is a good choice for anyone who has a boarding kennel or professional grooming salon. This budget-type tub costs around $1,075. It weighs about 82 pounds or 37 kilograms and is typically about 125 inches x 65 inches x 138 inches dimensionally. Normally, a caulking kit will be included as an accessory.

Whether you need to groom a pet at-home or you wish to include one of the well-made dog grooming bath tubs in your boarding kennel or salon, you will find that this type of tub will make bathing far easier and faster. To further speed up the process, include accessories, such as a thermostatic faucet (for water temperature control) and water sprayer and hose.

Bathing a dog just got easier, thanks to the innovative designs of dog bathing tubs today. Don’t put out your back trying to clean your dog in the tub at home or clean up a mess at your salon that could have been prevented. Choose a professional-grade tub with splash guards instead.

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