Tips for a solution to dog medicine

Sharing life with your dog happens to be a great responsibility. In fact, if you live with one of them, you will have realized the multiple care they need, in addition, they are susceptible to suffering from numerous diseases and on more than one occasion they may require drug treatment. Obviously, you cannot self-medicate your dog, since you run the risk of giving him a prohibited drug, therefore, it is referred to that medication that the veterinarian has prescribed for a certain health problem.

The type of drug influences the method of administration

If the veterinarian has prescribed a syrup for your dog, you should know that there are different types of liquid medicine and that this slightly influences the administration to be carried out. You can click on the New Pages from the UK Pet Drugs for the further details.

Mainly distinguished two kinds of syrup:

Solution: the active ingredients of the drug are already perfectly dissolved in the liquid, therefore, the syrup should not be shaken before being administered.

Suspension: the active principles of the drug are “suspended” in the liquid, this implies that for the prescribed dose to truly contain the necessary drug, it is essential that the bottle be shaken before giving our dog the medication.

The best method: fast and stress-free

Here it is shown how to give liquid medicine to your dog in the simplest way possible, both for you and for him.

It is a method recommended by veterinarians, which you can experiment on your own dog with highly satisfactory results:

Make sure your dog is calm and in a fixed position.

You load the required dose of the drug into a plastic measuring syringe, obviously without a needle.

Approach your dog from the side, stay calm if you don’t want him to get upset.

He holds his snout with his hands and inserts the plastic syringe through the side of his jaw, quickly pushing the plunger so that all the medicine reaches his oral cavity.

The stress that this trick to give your dog syrup generates in him is minimal, although later it is recommended that you stay by his side and caress him so that he calms down, in this way, he will return to normal immediately.

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