What are the main reasons for pets to shed

Most of the people have pets at home. Pets like cats and dogs are commonly found in most of the houses. They are a part of the family. People would like to take at most care of their pets.Pets have to be given special care and treatment. Some people keep pet as they like to have company.Some people would like to give shelter for the animals and hence would keep pet animals at home. Some people would like to safe guard their house hence would keep pet dogs at their home who would guard their house.Some people have the hobby of keeping pets at their house as they just like the company of pets.Keeping pets at home is possible however maintaining the pets and keeping them healthy is a huge responsibility. There are many products available in the market which is for pets. People can buy all products which is required for their pet via this link https://www.petstock.com.au/ which is very reliable and offers good facilitiesOne of the major problem which pets have is they shed a lot. If we have pets at home its common to find their fur all over the house.

Let’s see what are the factors that cause shedding of fur:

  • Change in seasons is one of the main reason why pets shed their fur.
  • Some pets may have allergies which may be due to their food habits. The skin of the pet may get dry which in turn leads to shedding of fur.
  • The place where the pets stay should be kept clean.
  • Itchy skin could also be one of the reason why lot of shedding takes place. Dogs usually have this problem of itchiness which in turn leads in shedding.
  • Fungal infection: Most of the time pets have fungal infection which leads to lot of skin issues.
  • Some of the pets also have congenital conditions which effects hair follicles which is misfunction due to structural abnormality.
  • Endocrine conditions is a symptom where if the dog has thyroid. It effects the skin and also cause thin and dull hair.
  • Pets should be taken to a veterinary doctor regularly and their health has to be checked to ensure that they are healthy.
  • Parasites also would be one of the reason for hair fall in pets.Some pets may be allergic to flea bites and this could lead health issues. Because of the flea bites dogs scratch excessively which would lead to hair fall.


People like to have pets at home. Pets would have health issues like shedding of hair. Pets health should be taken care. There are many products available in reliable sites which offer good services and facilities.

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