Should I Give My Dog a Stuffed Toy?

Just like us, dogs absolutely LOVE stuffed toys. Who wouldn’t love something to cuddle with at night or run around with throughout the day?


But the question is: Are they really safe for them to play with?


Before you invest in stuffed animals and dog toys from shops like Peggasus Pets, read on to find out if you should (or shouldn’t) gift your dog stuffed toys.


Can You Give Dogs Stuffed Toys?

In general, stuffed toys are safe for your dogs, though they can be considered dangerous if you choose the wrong ones. There are precautions you’ll need to take before giving your dog a stuffed toy since there are toys made with materials considered a choking hazard to your pets.


Here are a few tips to consider when choosing the best stuffed toys for your dog:


  1. Watch out for plastic

There are stuffed toys that are built with plastic parts, which can cause serious harm if your dog ingests them. Buttons and bead eyes are usually made of plastic, which should be removed or avoided as much as possible. Avoid getting stuffed toys that have small parts, such as beaded eyes or noses, which can be a choking hazard.


These small parts can be ingested if your dog loves to chew on their stuffed toy, which can cause your dog to choke or end up stuck in their intestines, which is uncomfortable and may require medical intervention.

  1. Consider the size

Your dog will carry their stuffed toy a lot, no matter where they go. If ever the stuffed toy is too small, the toy ends up in your dog’s mouth, so it’s harder for them to play with. Also, most of your dog’s saliva may end up all over their stuffed toy, which causes bacteria build-up.


Dog toys should be the right size, not too big or small. It’s best to give them a toy that is only slightly larger than the mouth. That way, they can grip the toy well without the toy falling.

  1. Look at the filling

Avoid stuffed toys made of polyfill. This can be easily ingested by dogs if they chew through the stuffing. While some dogs won’t have trouble in passing the polyfill naturally, other dogs may have trouble with it. The polyfill might end up stuck in the intestinal walls, resulting in blockage.


As much as possible, get stuffed toys that are strongly built, which can withstand the chewing and toss around.

  1. Supervise your pets

Even if you get a stuffed toy that is considered safe, you should always supervise them. If ever they start ripping their stuffed toy apart, take the toy away, because this can increase their aggressive attitude or have them ingest the stuffing.

Wrapping It Up

While stuffed toys are considered safe for pets, you have to choose the right ones to keep your pet safe. Keep these tips in mind and purchase the appropriate toys for your dog now.

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