Alden’s Kennel and Why its rated #1 Dog boarding in Illinois

Alden’s Kennel has been serving the city of Ringwood, Illinois for the last 36 years. Laying on 12 acres of country land, Alden and Janet Domrase have created the perfect pet oasis in the heart of McHenry County. The couple’s kennel is recognized as best pet boarding in Northern Illinois by advocating for comfort and timely dog training with passionate professionals.

Handling misbehaved dogs can be extremely challenging. Whether you want your dog to learn a few more manners, or you have a dog that often finds trouble and desperately needs some common etiquette. Alden’s Kennel believes every dog can benefit from proper obedience and training.

Alden’s offers award winning training programs that can fit the sometimes-hectic pace of life. Providing a variety of training programs such as board and train, day training and group classes with lasting results. Not only can you count on safe training, Alden’s Kennel customize programs to your dog’s specific needs. With nearly 35 years of experience, Alden’s equipped with dog training experts to guide four-legged friends of all ages and breeds.

With the arrival of holiday season, leave on a much-needed trip to visit with friends and family guilt free. Alden’s Kennel is proud to offer pet boarding in Ringwood, Illinois. While their goal is to administer your dog or cats very own enjoyable retreat, there is no need to fear that your fur friend is not getting the proper attention and care they need. The Alden oasis offers spa treatments, grooming, vet and doggy day care services along with free pick up for local customers.

The dog hotel provides brand new refurbished rooms with modern finished doggy doors allowing pets to explore the gated compound. The furry guest is accompanied by 50″ High definition TV’s projecting 24-hour entertainment at a therapeutic volume. A veranda was carefully placed for your pets to view the beautiful sights that Illinois has to offer. The premise is secured with up to 16 cameras patrolling day and night to ensure for the animals’ well-being. The family owned business’ mission is to create a safe and happy environment for your pet.

Alden’s Kennel takes pride in assisting new and existing pets of Illinois. The highly educated team looks forward to accommodating you. Register for Alden’s board and train program for your fur pet today!

Alden’s Kennel is the most reliable Dog Boarding in Illinois

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