Easy To Follow Tips for Taking Care of Pet Chameleons

Taking care of chameleons isn’t rocket science, but there are some factors that you must pay attention to. If you are a chameleon lover and you just bought one or are planning to buy it shortly, you probably want to know everything about these lizards. After knowing them as a species, you also have to learn the details.

If you want to know how to take care of a pet chameleon, you are in the right place. Here are some most essential tips in growing an active and healthy chameleon:

Keep them in large cages – keeping a chameleon in a small cage is the worst thing you could do, as they are active lizards that want to hunt, hide and seek. They enjoy living in tanks or cages filled with trees, vegetation, branches, and many other accessories that will make their lives more enjoyable.

Don’t Overfeed Them

This rule applies to nearly all pets, but this time, it is not about providing them too much because they could get fat and develop some health conditions. Actually, it is because the food that you offer them can put their lives in danger. Chameleons of all types and sizes adore living food. If they don’t consume it in one go, the insects tend to hurt the chameleon. Also, try to give them foods that aren’t broader than their head.

Natural Light is Not Enough for Chameleons

If you already set up a spot for your chameleon to live in, but you did nothing about the lighting system, it is time to take action. Chameleons need as many as 12 hours of light every day, as they come from warm regions of the world, and their basic intuitions tell them to stay awake and hunt more than you might think.

Give Them Supplements

A combination of foods isn’t enough to keep your pet chameleon as healthy as possible. In order to lead a healthy and long life, they need all types of vitamins that they cannot take from regular food. Vitamin D3 and Calcium are the essential supplements. You can find reptile supplements at most pet stores.

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