Practical Use of the dog water dispenser

Just like for humans, water is essential for dogs. That’s why it’s important to make it abundantly available to your four-legged friend. The ideal is that the water is always clean, fresh and positioned in the right place. But not only that! It is necessary to pay attention, for example, with the model of the water fountain for the dog and the height for the dog water dispenser.

What Is The Ideal Height Of The Dog Water Fountain?

The height of the dog water fountain is the one that does not harm the dog’s spine. To choose the height of the dog water fountain, you must consider the age, size and breed of the dog. Larger, taller dogs that need to bend down to drink water can create back problems over time. And this can also happen to older dogs, which no longer have such strong bone structure.

Other dogs that may struggle with low water pots are those that already have joint problems. These dogs end up feeling even more pain when they have to bend over. The recommendation of veterinarians is that the drinking fountain is at the height of the beginning of your dog’s chest.

To help you in these cases, there are elevated drinking fountains, and some even have a structure to regulate the height of the water pot. One more point to pay attention to is the depth of the drinking fountain, as dogs with a short snout can have problems with deep models.

Where The Dog Drinker Should Be Placed?

The dog water fountain must be located in a well-ventilated room. Like feeders, dog drinkers should be placed away from the area where the dog relieves itself. This is important because dogs like to have these two environments far apart and, if not, they may even stop drinking water.

In larger houses or apartments, where the animal usually stays in more than one environment, such as in the backyard or on the balcony, it is interesting to keep more than one pot of water available. Another extremely important point is the need for the drinking fountain to be located in an airy room and sheltered from the sun.

By keeping the water always clean and fresh, you ensure that your dog hydrates even more throughout the day. Oh, and also be careful with the proximity of the water pot to the food pot, because if any food falls into the water, it can become contaminated.

What Is The Best Dog Drinking Fountain Model?

The best dog water fountain should meet the dog’s needs. First of all, the best model of dog water fountain is the one that meets the needs of the dog. The ideal is that it is produced with materials that do not harm the health of the pet. It is necessary to avoid water pots that release harmful substances or drinking fountains in which bacteria and microorganisms are easy to proliferate, such as in plastic or aluminum pots.

As already mentioned, it is essential to pay attention to the height and location of the drinking fountain. It is also important to pay attention to the dog’s routine and behavior. If your dog spends a lot of time alone, automatic drinking fountains are a good option, as they will always have fresh water available for him, for example. And if you take your pet for a walk, portable pots are very useful.

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