French bulldog puppies according to their color and characteristics

The French bulldog puppy really is a puppy that cannot help but get people’s attention. Small, short-legged and with a cute flat face, this is a breed that is on the rise and many people wish to own one of them. The French bulldog puppy is not a very large dog. Its height usually reaches up to 35 cm. Its ideal weight, after the French bulldog puppy grown, should be between 8 to 14 kg, on average. The French bulldog puppy is a very affectionate and playful dog, although he is silent. This characteristic makes the French bulldog puppy a perfect dog for those who live in apartments.

Black French bulldog

Bulldogs also stand out for the variety of colors they present. Moreover, one of them is the black French bulldog. The black fluffy frenchies for sale, due to its color, gains more majestic and very beautiful airs. The black French bulldog’s fur color makes the dog imposing. However, care must be taken with the excessive exposure of the Black French Bulldog to the sun. With the action of the sun’s rays, the color of the hair can change and the black French bulldog gains reddish nuances.

White French bulldog

Returning to the wide variety of colors that Bulldogs present, the color of their coat is a reason for studies and debates. A very beautiful example of the breed is the White French Bulldog. While it is not that common to find a very white French bulldog, they do exist. The all-white coat is highly valued and some copies even cost more. A white French bulldog requires some special attention, so that its fur does not get dirty or stained.

The first care with a white French bulldog is exposure to the sun. It should be moderate. Excess can cause burns to your White French Bulldog. When arriving from the walks, it is recommended to give the dog a dry bath. A common problem with the white French bulldog is that the fur turns yellow. Do not use any product or homemade recipe to de-yellow the white French bulldog’s fur. Know that there are specific shampoos to remove the yellowness of the hair of white dogs. 

Brindle French bulldog

Another beautiful example of the breed is the French brindle Bulldog. This coat color makes the animal also imposing. Another advantage is that the brindle French bulldog does not require specific care for its coat. Mixing colors already creates protection against the sun and agents that could change the color of your coat. There are a few variations to the brindle French bulldog’s coat color. Among the main colors found are brindle, light brindle, dark brindle, white brindle and brindle with predominant white.

Gray French bulldog

One more gorgeous coloring is the Gray French Bulldog. The coloring makes the dog even cuter. One of the great advantages of having a gray French bulldog is that it is very easy to clean, and the fur is unlikely to look grimy or dirty. Just give your gray French bulldog a dry bath after walks and his coat will be shiny and beautiful again. Gray French bulldog baths also do not require special products for washing. 

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