6 Ways to Scoop Your Pet’s Poop

Use a Plastic Poop Bag

Plastic poop bags are the most common form of poop cleanup. They double as gloves and bags, making the cleanup process fast and simple. Additionally, plastic bags are easily crumpled and fit into purses and pockets, making them rapidly accessible for a sudden poop. They can be found at almost every store. Unfortunately, plastic bags do not work well when scooping diarrhea or soft poop. Furthermore, they are bad for the environment, as they can take several years to decompose. When possible, consider another form of poop scooping to protect the environment and reduce waste.

Use a Pooper Scooper

Pooper scoopers are the ideal choice for individuals that find animal poop repulsive and have trouble bending over. Although they are not available in every store, they can be found in almost every pet store. They are efficient and touch-free. However, they can be bulky, and certain individuals may not want to carry the pooper scooper with them everywhere they go. They may also need to be cleaned fairly regularly.

Flush the Poop

Animal poop flushing is illegal in some locations, so before resorting to this method, research your city’s regulations. Poop flushing is another great method of poop disposal, as it eliminates bad smells and doesn’t end up in a landfill. Unfortunately, transporting the poop to a toilet can be tricky, and if done improperly, can result in a very poopy disaster. Flushable poop bags prevent the poop from dripping or spilling on its way to the nearest toilet.

Get an Indoor Potty

In the same way that humans are potty trained, (some) animals can be potty trained. Indoor potties or potty pads are a great option for apartment dwellers or pets with injuries that limit their movement. Potty pads do have their drawbacks, however. If not cleaned and replaced often, they can produce foul smells that may be difficult to get rid of.

Bury the Poop

Poop burying is another great way to eliminate pet waste. The burial process masks the foul smell and puts the poop out of sight and out of mind. This process does not use any plastic waste, nor does it require transportation to an indoor toilet, making it the most environmentally friendly method. However, burying the poop takes quite a bit of work that most pet owners are not willing to put in.

Use a Power Poop Pickup

Power poop pickups, similar to pooper scoopers, can assist individuals that struggle to bend down. Unfortunately, power poop pickups can be expensive, and they must remain charged and kept clean in order to function properly.

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